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Selznick Scientific Software is committed to producing the highest quality software products for our users. But what is Selznick Scientific Software?

Selznick Scientific Software is a limited liability company in Tucson, Arizona: home of cactus and heat. And when we say heat, we mean a lot of it. Check out Yahoo's weather report for Tucson. But hey, it's a dry heat. Selznick Scientific Software also has this really nifty web site. But there's got to be more.

Selznick Scientific Software is a creative and intellectual vent for Sanford Selznick. When he's not skiing (not a whole lot of that in Tucson), running, or telling way too many bad jokes, Sanford's generally smiling all the time.

What's Sanford's history? You don't want to know. But if you must, it's chock full o' research in diametrically opposed fields in which he has lots of experience...

  • Nine years as a researcher for the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, College of Medicine at the University of Arizona. While there, Sanford worked on an incredibly rewarding five year project to characterize a new subtype of the degenerative bone disease Rickets.
  • While working on his Master's in Computer Science, Sanford did research on some seriously novel sequence alignment algorithms for Molecular Biologists.
  • Two years as President and Engineer for Molecular Ventures where he programmed the MacMolecule2 and PCMolecule2 Easy-to-use molecular rendering software. (Their web site has disappeared. Sorry!)
  • A few NASA missions:
  • An amazing NIH-SBIR Sponsored project to computerize all of the recordkeeping for Cell Culture Laboratories. The novel software is called a Cell Culture Laboratory Information Management System (CCLims). Prototypes of CCLims are boosting the productivity of Cell Culture Laboratories by 60%! (No one is more shocked than we are.) Coming soon to a web browser near you!
  • Sanford is working with the good people at Seiko Instruments USA Inc. to make their excellent label printers compatible with Mac OS X as well as updating their Windows software.
  • And doing work with Photometrics to make their excellent cameras compatible with Mac OS X.
  • Sanford writes and maintains all his shareware.
  • And Sanford is working with small and large companies in and around Tucson, Arizona to bring their software ideas to the masses! (That's you.)
  • In his spare time Sanford renovates houses and spends time with his growing family.
  • And now, Sanford is a founding partner of Ascending Node Technologies, LLC!

And what's next? You'll know when he knows!

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