Your Solution to Messy Formatting

SmartWrap is an application that re-formats messy text and wraps it naturally within any of your email or other text-documents. Select your text, click the icon, and ensure yourself that forwarded and/or copied documents are readable and professional looking. Simple, time-saving and effective - anyone who works with words should have this!

SmartWrap is available for Windows and Mac OS X. And for each platform we have a selection of plug-ins and scripts to integrate SmartWrap with your software!

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What Users Are Saying about SmartWrap!

Macworld Four Mice Award - July 2002

"I find SmartWrap to be indespensible - have been using it regularly for………ever!" - Las Vegas, NV

"have fun and a long life" - bologna, italy


"The app works well on Windows and Mac. It saves a lot of time when copying and pasting from scanned PDF documents." - Manchester UK

"great product!" - south charleston, wv

"I LOVE this app!" - Minneapolis, MN

"Use this every day" - Rhinebeck, NH

"I bought many years ago and love Smart Wrap" - Descanso CA

"Glad you exist" - Connecticut

"Love your apps! :)" - Sarasota, Florida

"Indispensable " - Liberty, MO

"GREAT application!  Simplifies cleaning up text.  Can't live without it!  Thanks for a great application!" - Sea Cliff, NY

"SmartWrap is awesome" - Honolulu, HI

"Love everything you do!" - Sarasota, Florida

"Yes, I like your product a lot. I am a writer, and it comes in very handy, and is simple and easy to use." - Langley, WA

"GREAT products!" - Waldport, OR

"Useful tools" - Madison, WI

"You guys are geniuses!" - Brooklyn, NY

"glad to have Mac, Windows versions" - Eugene, Oregon

"Fantastic product, use it daily" - Ankara, Turkey

"Can clean up a mess!" - San Mateo, CA

"Amazing time-saving" - Bayonne, NJ

"wonderful -- one of my 3 most indispensible utilities!!" - Troy, NY

"It's great" - Canyon Countryt, CA

"Love the program. Use it frequently." - Chillicothe, OH

"This is a perfect app." - Descanso, CA

"I had this program with an older Mac and loved it" - Belleair Bluffs, FL

"Superb, Simple, Indispensible" - London, England

"Yeah, SmartWrap a lifesaver" - Liberty, Mo.

"Thank you!" - Colorado

"Couldn't get along without it!!!" - Dululth, MN

"thank you" - Moscow, Russia

"worth buying!" - San Francisco, CA

"Nice program, upgrading" - Auburn, Maine

"Works well" - Australia

"like your work!" - raleigh, nc

"Good work" - Fairbanks, AK

"Love Smart Wrap" - Aiken, SC

"Can't live without it" - Leawood, Kansas

"Works Invisibly" - Richland, WA

"Great app. Indispensible to my solo law practice." - New Orleans, LA

"Great product; really needed it tonight!" - Goshen, IN

"It is snappy wonderful" - Tucson, AZ

"Worked perfec, no training curve" - ElmGrove, WI

"I haven't used it for a while, but I remember it fondly. I'm glad to be back!" - Dallas, TX

"great utility" - Long Beach, CA

"Fantastic App! Thank-you so very much." - Beckenham, London

"Excellent and helpful!" - Wheaton, IL

"Thanks for making my working life so much simpler, so many times!" - Winston-Salem, NC

"Onwards Prosper" - Toronto, ON Canada

"works great" - Fairbanks, AK

"Excellent" - UK

"necessary" - Austin, TX

"I've happily used your software for years" - Lawrence, KS

"Love SmartWrap the clipboard" - San Leandro, CA

"Fantastic program. I use it all the time." - Silver Spring, MD 20906

"Great app - I'm a student and it is so helpful to me. Thanks so very much." - London, England

"I love Moon Menu and SmartWrap" - Descanso, CA

"couldn't do without it" - Hobart, Tasmania

"I still use Smart Wrap many times a day! I really don't know what I would do without it. : )" - Bingham Farms, MI

"Been a happy customer since 1/6/98." - Warren, PA

"Great product." - Bayonne, NJ

"nice program" - Shanghai, China

"Great app. Couldn't do with out it." - Kingston, Tasmania

"Great software" - Staten Island, NY

"Big fan." - Anaheim, CA

"Love SW." - Spring, TX

"I like smartwrap for the PC, so got it for my new Mac." - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Love it!" - Branford, CT

"Great little product. Will save hours working with nasty text received from client." - MD

"Smart Wrap is the best!" - North Carolina


"Used it for years - never want to do without it." - Manchester, TN

"This is a great little product. Should be a part of any mail app." - West Linn, OR

"Fabulous product!" - Sonoma, CA

"love your products" - Los Altos, CA

"keep up the great work" - Dickson, TN

"works great, thanks" - fort nelson, bc canada

"Used since OS 9 days and still love it when I need it." - Salinas, CA

"Sanford is great! Wonderful support!" - Salt Spring Island, British Columbia Canada

"Great product...well designed" - Huntsville, AL

"Great service so far." - Anniston, Alabama

"Works like you say, excellent" - Atlanta, GA

"Works well, use it often" - Shingle Springs, California

"nice" - Landsberg

"Best client service on the internet." - Honolulu, Hi

"very useful" - Boulder, CO

"Fantastic - a life saver." - KIngston Tasmania, Australia

"Superbly useful, and well-worth paying for." - San Diego, CA

"Always great functionality" - Calgary, AB Canada

"Yes, well done, thanks" - Sydney, Australia

"Simple to use." - London, UK

"Just works! Never any problems" - Long Beach, CA

"Keep up the great work!" - Napa, CA

"great little program-use daily" - PE Canada,

"Simple interface." - San Francisco, CA

"Great products!" - Manhattan Beach, CA

"Works great - better than the freeware from Devonthink" - Santa Cruz, CA

"It's great! Indispensable!" - Dallas, TX

"Great!" - Lewiston, NY

"Excellent Program." - La Quinta, CA

"works well; straightforward" - Australia

"Works great!" - LA, CA

"Love SmartWrap!" - Branford, CT

"Works like a charm." - Cambridge Cambridgeshure, UK

"SmartWrap is terrific! I really appreciate the simple, do-what-I-need-it-to-do interface." - Unknown

"cool app" - Dallas, TX

"Great program, saves me a lot of time in my design work." - Pleasant Grove, Utah

"Great Software, Please continue to develop!" - San Mateo, CA

"fine little program" - Placerville, CA

"Really works well!" - Springfield, Illinois

"Used it for years and like it." - Fernandina Beach, Florida

"Great program!" - Wheaton, IL

"Absolutely great little app use it all the time." - Cranston, RI

"My wife insisted SmartWrap be re-installed right away on the new disk!" - Spring, TX

"Killer app for Eudora" - Houston, TX

"excellent product" - Inman, SC

"PW is awesome, so wanted to try SmartWrap" - Salt Lake City, UT

"Vital utility" - Bayonne, NJ

"will save me 10-15 minutes a day. Add it up! Cheers, - Phil" - Denver, CO

"Yes! Great product that does exactly what I want it to do!" - Austin, TX

"Good stuff, time saver!" - Newark, DE

"A useful clever app." - Pittsburgh, PA

"Your products just keep working. Nice and simple!" - Ellsworth, ME

"I recommend it often." - Depoe Bay, Oregon

"great products" - Melbourne, Australia

"Great products which keep on workin' and workin'!" - Salinas, CA

"love the program" - Blacksburg, VA

"Works fine, very helpful" - N. Kingstown, RI

"Great!" - Traverse City, MI

"Simple easy to use - just great" - Biberstein / AG / Switzerland

"Great stuff, saves time" - Milw, WI

"Yes, thanks, very useful!" - Urasoe, Okinawa Japan

"This app is SO simple and uncomplicated to use! I have been using TextSoap for years and that app is way more complicated than what I need, and I never could get it to behave, and make it do what I want. With SmartWrap, I just copy the text, and Poof! Done. That simple! What a great implementation! many, many thanks!" - Sea Cliff, NY

"Great wrapper. I use it frequently and it normally works just as I hope." - Bangor, ME

"I love SmartWrapper!" - Wasilla, AK

"The best utility I have ever used!" - Forestville, CA

"I like it" - nottingham, pa

"A must have mac utility." - London, Ontario Canada

"oh yes yes yes. thanks for a terrific program. " - raleigh, nc

"Love it." - Henrico, NC

"great work!" - Santa Cruz

"It's great!" - Sydney

"great program" - melbourne australia,

"used for years - wonderful" - Eugene, OR

"Love your product" - SanLeandro, CA

"EXCELLENT!!" - Ottawa, ONTARIO Canada

"Just switched to mac from PC. I lived and died by a PC's "emailStripper" program. I used to be a programmer. Thanks for your effort." - North Carolina

"Happy New Year" - Durham, NC

"a great tool!" - Perth, WA

"I've been using it a long time. It's very useful" - Eugene, OR

"I simply love this app, it never fails." - Maasland, The Netherlands

"love it - been using it for years..." - Eugene, OR

"Love this app!" - Bedford, NH

"It just works!" - Hobart, Tasmania

"This is such a COOL program!!! I have been using TextSoap for years and it is way too confusing and never did what I wanted, (or rather, it was too complicated for me to figure out what to check in the boxes to get it to do what SmartWrap does out of the box! I have a great little windows app that is perfect, (and of course I can't remember it's name right now - it is an olive-colored icon in a rectangle shape) but it is not for Mac. FINALLY, using SmartWrap, I can do a quick copy and paste, have the "forward" indicators removed and the text re-wrapped as nice as you please, just like that! Smart Wrap is such a great app. Easy, simple, effective, and brilliant! Many,many thanks! Ken Spencer" - Sea Cliff, NY

"Your software resolves an eight-year challenge i've endured with text copying---thank-you" - Pittsburgh, PA

"love your software!" - Cambridge, UK

"Very clear in structions to follow." - Tasmania, Australia

"great products" - Las Vegas, NV

"I like it" - Birmingham, AL

"Been using it for years!" - Oakalnd, CA

"Thank you!" - St. Louis, MO

"Love it!" - Descanso, CA

"A very useful product!" - Sarasota, FL

"Everything. It's indispensible." - Merion Station, PA

"very helpful" - Boulder, CO

"I love smartwrap" - Ajo, AZ

"It saves us time when typesetting news for our newspaper." - Palmyra, MO

"great product" - KansasCity, MO

"Excellent program!" - Dallas, TX

"Does a great job" - Las Vegas NV,

"Really makes for clean text transfers - easily!" - Sacramento, CA

"Would not leave home without it" - Dickson, TN

"YES! Everything. I use SmartWrap all the time a simple, and very helpful product." - Toronto, Ontario Canada

"I have enjoyed your products over many years ... thank you!" - Descanso, CA

"Great Product!" - Lexington, SC

"Yes, works well in Eudora." - Faribautl, MN

"I love it" - Redwood City, CA

"Great product, a time saver. Well designed." - Orem, UT

"smartwarp is really undispensible" - Germany

"Love this program. Thanks." - San Diego, CA

"Began using it since version 1, but somehow during various system and Eudora upgrades lost track of it. Very glad to have SmartWrap back again." - Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao Philippines

"very useful :)" - Germany, Berlin

"Loved the old version, bet I'll love this one even more." - Frankford, DE

"Fantastic Program!" - Duluth, MN

"Can't live without SmartWrap!" - Calgary, AB Canada

"Great tool, especially for wrapping text in online forums 10/10 !" - Cumbria, UK

"Love both PasswordWallet and SmartWrap." - Wilmington, DE and Penobscot ME

"Wonderful! Saves me a lot of time trying to clean up something to save or to forward without all of the arrows. I regularly recommend it to people in our Mac Users' Group" - Hot Springs Village, AR

"Aloha! I bought this after thinking about it for about 2 seconds!" - Honolulu, Hawaii

"Always excellent!" - South Weymouth, Massachusetts United States of America

"I'v used Smartwrap for years. Wouldn't be without it." - Des Moines, IA

"Handy tool for my email" - Bisbee, AZ

"Nice software" - Puyallup WA

"Great program. used it for years..." - Eugene, OR

"Like SmartWrap very much. Saves a lot of grief." - Hobart, Tasmania

"I couldn't function without it! You're product saves soooooo much time." - Tucson, AZ

"Seems to work perfectly. Comes in handy!" - Maasland, the Netherlands

"Both SmartWrap and CopyPaths are incredibly useful :-)" - Reykjavik, Iceland

"Great product!!!" - Des moines, IA

"Works great! (Less filling?)" - Alhambra, CA

"Wonderful product." - Austin Texas,

"Nice integration w/ BBEdit" - Novato, CA

"SmartWrap is a great product!!" - Macomb, IL

"Thank you for still supporting this fantastic tool!" - Hamburg, Germany

"Heck, yeah! An excellent program, well-worth supporting and enjoying. It works!" - San Diego, CA

"Great!" - Teaneck, NJ

"Cool, I have SmartWrap again!!!" - Garland, TX

"Yes! Thanks for a great app!" - PascoWA,

"Great app, I use is a lot and is a time saver." - Pleasant Grove, UT

"Love it!" - Pakenham, ON Canada

"It's a great program!" - Gray Court, SC

"So far so awesome" - San Francisco, CA

"Smart Wrap is the little genius that helped me often with otherwise tidious work!" - Berlin

"Product is working for me!" - Washington, DC

"Fantastic product. Can't work without it!! " - New York, NY

"simple and easy to use works flawlessly" - London, Ontario Canada

"Love your products!" - Monroe, LA

"Great product, especially for forums text !!" - Grange over Sands, Cumbria UK

"love Smartwrap! Soooo easy and so practical!" - Carlsbad, CA

"Great product" - London, Ontario Canada

"Awesome program -- essential!" - Saugerties, NY

"very smooth" - chicago, IL

"excellent product" - Perth, Western Australia

"This is a great product" - Spartanburg, SC

"it works!!!!!!" - Panama City, Panama

"SmartWrap ($18) is also highly rated" - Mill Valley, CA

"Great product" - Austerlitz, NY

"good and useful product" - Paphos, Cyprus

"I've been using your software for years, and have recommended it to others. These are invaluable little programs that save time and headaches. Thank you!" - La Canada, CA

"I find SmartWrap to be incredibly helpful. I'm moving to a new MacBook and installing the newest version, though I've used it for years." - Longmont, CO

"Great Job" - West Lafayette, IN

"Works great, one of the few I am willing to pay for." - Edmonton, Canada

"great software " - Pittsburgh, PA

"Love your product!" - University Place, WA

"Great Product! Great time saver, I couldn't be as productive without SmartWrap!" - Pleasant Grove, UT

"Very fine piece of software. It's a major part of my mail program." - La Quinta, CA USA

"Great app." - Philadelphia, PA

"Perfect, Just what I was looking for." - Arezzo, Italy

"Works Great" - Duluth, MN

"Can't live without it! Keep up the great work!" - Chapel Hill, NC

"Makes Emails readable" - Gresham, OR

"Fantastic - and quick conversion for emails." - St. Paul, MN

"Very useful" - Landenberg, PA

"Indispensable Mac add-on! Thanks!" - MA

"When a problem arises the support if terrific - Thanks Sanford" - Victoria, B.C. Canada

"We think you are wonderful!" - Provost, Alberta Canada

"Can't live without SmartWrap as always" - Dickson, TN

"Good prog for 0S 9" - Sunnyvale CA

"awesome product!" - Peterborough, Ontario Canada

"good product" - Port Matilda, PA

"Thanks for the hard work" - Urasoe-shi, Okinawa Japan

"Does what it says on the box ;-)" - Beckenham, Kent England

"liked it" - Edgewater, NJ

"like your programs (moon menu and smart wrap)" - Tucson, AZ

"Easy and effective" - Philadelphia, PA

"yup, plemty. Good stuff, and great support (when I needed it years ago)." - Gardena, CA

"Great product! " - Paradise Valley, AZ

"Great program! I have recommended it to all my friends." - Mentone, Victoria

"Have enjoyed using two of your products for a number of years now." - Wilmington, DE

"Great Product - Saves me a lot of time" - Spartanburg, SC

"Sanford is just about the nicest guy in the whole world!" - Bingham Farms, MI

"Thank you, thank you, thank you." - Philadelphia, PA

"You're witty and have a good head of hair." - Washington, DC

"I love it" - CA, USA

"good program" - SC, USA

"Worked fantastically!" - Forestville, CA

"Great" - Phoenix, AZ

"Love Smart Wrap" - Aiken, SC

"This Smartwrap is the best!" - VALLEY CENTER, CA

"I love SmartWrap. It solves a real problem." - Bangor Maine

"Saves me a lot of time reformatting." - Hot Springs, AR

"I've tried it 11 times and found it very good for my use. " - Seoul, Korea (South)

"SmartWrap works great" - Morrow, Ohio

"Nice Mailer Companion " - Tokyo, Japan

"Always performs as advertised." - Tucson, AZ

"Nice!" - Bellingham, WA

"I love SmartWrap!" - London, UK

"Amazing!!!!" - Duluth, MN

"Helpful!" - Ruidoso, NM

"Love your s/w!" - Queens, NY

"Been using 2.2.x for a long time in OS 9.2" - Manchaca, Texas

"It's a great program, very useful" - Campagnano di Roma, Italy

"Great app, great price!" - Manhattan Beach, CA

"great product" - London, UK

"YOU ROCK!" - Burlingame, CA

"Love it. Does exactly what I need without being bloated." - Branford, CT

"Second copy! :-)" - San Bruno, CA

"I love SmartWrap the clipboard." - Bayonne, NJ

"Nice product!" - Apopka, FL

"Great Software" - Memphis, TN

"Great product I've needed for a long time!" - Montclair, NJ

"I'm letting my friends know about SmartWrap. (By the way, I had been using another text tool that was way too precious and difficult to use. Yours rules!)" - Berlin, CT

"Terrific word-wrap." - New York, NY

"Simple and effective." - Chicago, IL

"Love SmartWrap!" - Bloomington, IN

"SmartWrap Rules!" - Northampton, MA

"Neat program to clean-up e-mail messages." - Darien, GA

"Excellent product, every Mac/PC e-mail user should have one." - St. Augustine, FL

"As advertised, has worked great." - Salinas, CA

"It works wonders." - Los Angeles, CA

"Works a treat." - Toronto, ON Canada

"You are great!" - Brea , CA

"Smart wrap is a smart addition to my email client." - Portland, OR

"Sure works great! Easy to integrate with FM Pro." - Portland, OR

"A real godsend!" - Brookfield, WI

"Great applications! I use 3 (Moon, Wallet, now this)." - Brooklyn, NY

"This program is great!" - Truman, MN

"Very useful." - Smyrna, GA

"Looks great based on my initial tests." - Seattle, WA

"Wow! This dandy little dll saves me tons o' time." - Toronto, ON Canada

"Great Program!" - La Verne, CA

"Smartwrap is a great product!" - San Diego, CA

"Excellent product!" - Raleigh, NC

"It does just what I need it to." - Minneapolis, MN

"Neat little program that, so far, has saved me time and aggravation. Cool." - New Castle, DE

"A great product. Keep up the good work!!" - West Perth, Western Australia

"Sounds pretty good to me!" - San Francisco, CA

"This is what I have been looking for." - Springfield, OR

"Terrific." - Beverly Hills, CA

"First decent stripper I have found for the PC. Almost as good as text soap." - Middle Village , NY

"Excellent program! A+!" - Irvine, CA

"A fine product." - Elmwood Park, IL

"All my comments are nice. :-)" - Fairfax, CA

"What a relief to find a way to get rid of unwanted junk." - Eugene, OR

"Excellent utility, a real time-saver." - Broughty Ferry, Dundee, United Kingdom

"Tried the produce and it worked the first time on a piece of junk email--cleaned it up so slick!" - Ahwahnee, CA

"Thank you for this invaluable tool! I'd hate to ever be without it." - Lawrence, KS

"I like the program." - Victoria, BC Canada

"Great time saver." - Yountville, CA

"Works very well, thanks for the product." - Spring Valley, MN

"Keep up good work!" - Arlington, VA

"Finally! This IS a Godsend!!!" - Rego Park, NY

"Works great!" - Tigard, OR

"A truly GREAT and Easy Product!! Used to take some Docs into WordPerfect to "Clean 'em up" No More. I really like a product that works as advertised with an instruction manual of about 3 lines of text." - Fairfield, CA

"VERY useful product : congratulations." - Paris, France

"Smartwrap is awesome!" - Hong Kong, China

"Works great. Thanks." - New Haven, CT

"The product I've been looking for!" - San Fransisco, CA

"Great stuff!" - Pittsburgh, PA

"My husband keeps raving about smart wrap!!! Absolutely brilliant product - many thanks." - Brooklyn, NY

"LOVE THIS PROGRAM!" - Los Angeles, CA

"Smart wrap has made my life better." - Higganum, CT

"I use it at home all the time; this purchase is for use at work, too." - Baltimore, MD

"Handy!" - Cambridge, UK

"Works great!!!!" - Auburn, ME

"Love smart wrap!" - Jackson Heights, NY

"Love that SmartWrap!" - Tallahassee, FL

"very useful utility - need it daily" - Lawrence, KS

"THIS program will save me hours of boring cleanup." - Petaluma, CA

"SmartWrap is Excellent!" - Oswego, NY

"SW is so simple and unobtrusive, does its thing, then goes!" - Jacksonville, OR

"Love it!" - Nipomo, CA

"Fabulous Program" - Niagara-On-The-Lake, ON, Canada

"Nice program!" - Dover, DE

"Excellent Tool" - San Diego, CA

"Neat!" - Los Angeles, CA

"Great app. Exactly what I've been looking for!" - Laguna Niguel, CA

"Awesome product!" - Berkeley, CA

"Excellent product. Should be a function of any editor or OS." - Willow Grove, PA

"Love the program already!" - Northridge, CA

"SmartWrap saves me time & tedium." - Lagunitas, CA

"Excellent product! Just what I need." - Kobe, Japan

"Four Star Rating" - ZDNet

"This is a really great piece of software." - Shreveport, LA


"Five Star Rating" -

"SmartWrap is da bizomb, by the way... really nice work. Makes Eudora even better." - Hartford, CT

"Thanks again for an elegant program. SmartWrap rules." - Aston, PA

"SmartWrap works great!" - Aston, PA

"Great!" - Teaneck, NJ

"Cool!" - New York, NY

"Love the product!" - Tuscaloosa, AL

"Terrific features!" - Boston, MA

"Nice software, thanks." - Berlin, Germany

"Great Products! Thanks!" - Porter, IN

"SmartWrap rocks!" - Chicago, IL

"Slick trick, this plug-in. Thanks." - Philadelphia, PA

"Looks like the right stuff at the right time." - San Diego, CA

"Four Mice Rating" -

"A real time-saver!" - Leesburg, VA

"SmartWrap is such a cool product I became addicted immediately. Keep up the good work!" - Santa Fe, NM

"Great Software!" - Montreal, QC, Canada

"Very cool." - Seattle, WA

"Great product, where have you been hiding it all these years?" - Agoura Hills, CA

"Wow! What a great program!!!" - Cardiff by the Sea, CA

"God I love this application!" - Redmond, WA

"Excellent product for Eudora" - Monterrey, NL, Mexico

"Bettern' peanut butter!" - Ventura, CA

"This is one of those occasionally perfect pieces of shareware." - Austin, TX

"A way cool tool. How do you do it?" - Ashkum, IL

"Discovered this goldmine on my own--couldn't live without it!!" - Calgary, AB, Canada

"Very cool product!" - Somerville, MA

"You are my personal hero. SmartWrap kicks ass & takes names!" - Kirkland, WA

"Four Cow Rating" -

"SmartWrap is super nifty!" - Toronto, ON, Canada

"GREAT GREAT!!! time saver" - Traverse City, MI

"Yeah verily I say unto thee, it worketh quite as advertised and thus is truly a bargain." - Fountain Valley, CA

"Just wanted to let you know that SmartWrap is terrific!" - Marquette, MI

"As an editor I find SmartWrap an absolute lifesaver!" - Tasmania, Australia

"EXACTLY what I needed!" - Berkeley, CA

"SmartWrap is now an indispensable product. With today's heavy use of e-mail for business and other communications, SmartWrap is the best way to save huge amounts of time and ensure that your forwarded messages are readable and professional. For copying e-mail text into documents, it is invaluable. Anyone who works with words should have this product." - Liberty, MO

"Great Product!!!" -
Chicago, IL (x 2)
London, UK
Kansas City, KS
Indianapolis, IN
Fairbanks, AK
Marina Del Rey, CA
Brunswick, GA
Ithica, NY
Enid, OK
La Jolla, CA
Niagara-On-The-Lake, CO
Frenchtown, NJ
Lexington, KY
San Francisco, CA
San Rafael, CA
Wellington, New Zealand

"SmartWrap is a WELCOME addition." - Garland, TX

"I use it all the time, sweetie." - My Wife!

"A time saver!" - Washington, DC

"Just what I needed; nice piece of work." - Berkeley, CA

"SmartWrap is just what I have been looking for!" - Bloomington, IN

"I find SmartWrap real handy and more importantly it is easy to use." - San Diego, CA

"This is an outstanding product!" - San Antonio, TX

"Thanks for making a great plug-in for Eudora!" - San Diego, CA

"Smartwrap saves me much time and many headaches." - Danbury, CT

"The wisest $18 I've spent in a long time..."

"SmartWrap really wraps smart!" - Amherst, MA

"I think Smartwrap is an absolute must-have utility." - Nashville, TN

"I don't think I have been as excited about a software product (SmartWrap) since Visicalc! I tried it and was yelling hooray out loud!" - Anaheim Hills, CA

Did you ever think users could be this excited about a text wrapper? :-)