A Beautiful and Simple Lunar Calendar

MoonMenu calculates lunar data for any given date between the years 1923 and 2039. Interactively explore, investigate and predict our moon's mysterious revelations right from your menu bar. Whether you're a professional or an amateur - MoonMenu is resourceful, educational and just plain fun!

MoonMenu is available for both Mac OS X and Windows!

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What Users Are Saying about MoonMenu!

"Best thing ever" - Seattle

"I love it." - Chicago, IL

"Has worked great for 10 years Thank You" - Las Cruces, NM 88012

"nice to have this upgrade" - ho chi minh city, vietnam

"Enjoyed the extended free trial, Thanks!" - Garden City, KS 67846

"Nice app" - Tulsa, OK

"Nice pgm." - TN

"Looks good!" - Yuma, AZ

"Password wallet!!" - Cedar Crest, NM

"I love the MoonMenu app." - La Grange, IL

"Nice program!" - Puebla, Puebla Mexico

"Its beautiful" - Frome Somerset UK

"simple, nice, gives me what i want" - south california

"very nice" - Lake Oswego, OR

"love it!" - minneapolis, mn

"i love the widget" - playa del carmen, q.roo mexico

"useful tool" - Bodio Lomnago, Varese Italy

"I like this!" - Holyoke, MA

"Your apps are fantastic" - Silver Spring, MD United States

"cant live without it" - Norther Ca

"splendid!" - Malbosc Ardèche France

"Great informative software" - N. Ireland

"It's a lovely companion" - Oakland, CA

"Love your work" - Bondi NSW Australia

"Your products are the best!" - Silver Spring, MD

"Great program -- I use it almost every day." - Denver, CO

"I like all your apps." - Peterborough, NH

"It is certainly the best Moon phase app I have looked at." - Kilkenny, South Australia

"Very informative" - Taipei, Taiwan

"I've always loved this in my menubar!" - Fernley, NV

"Great products" - Bend, OR

"Great apps and suppoert!" - Westerlo, NY

"I like it!" - Los Angeles, CA

"can't do without it" - Portland, OR

"The nicest software developer ever!" - Los Angeles, CA

"love the product" - Worcester, Ma

"Excellent informational app." - NC

"just great!" - Switzerland

"great app... continue" - Switzerland

"MoonMenu helped me create a popular poster during the 2011 Wisconsin protests " - Madiosn, WI ISA

"Good program with usesul icon on the menu bar" - Puebla, Puebla Mexico

"Thanks!!!" - Culver City, CA

"moon is cute" - Berkeley CA

"Works great" - Sydney, NSW Australia

"I love Moon Menu" - Chicago, Il

"Cool program" - Australia!

"The Most Enjoyable software I own." - Willow Street, PA

"LOVE my Moon Menu! So much information available at a single touch." - Danbury, CT

"love your products - simple, clean interface, no wasted whistles!" - Portland, OR

"handy, nice format" - Little Canada, MN

"really enjoy MoonMenu" - Jupiter, FL

"like it" - Williamstown, MA

"love password wallet,  enjoying moon menu" - Illinois

"Great app!" - Mountain View, CA

"It's just perfect - and works correctly! in the Southern Hemisphere" - Mount Rumney, Tasmania

"well done" - Gorges Ardeche, France

"Splendid work. Lovely utilities." - Cedar Crest, NM

"It's delightful, and updates have made it even better." - London, UK.

"Nice Moon tool (Win) replacement for OSX" - Pacific Grove, CA

"Exactly what I was looking for - Awesome" - Dallas, Texas

"Love this program; can't live without it.  My menu bar is totally boring without MoonMenu." - Centennial CO

"Tutto OK" - Rome, Italy

"Moon-a-licious" - Tucson, AZ

"It keeps me in touch with the phases of the moon even in the middle of the city." - Toronto, Ontario Canada

"Great little program!" - Ohio

"Bravo !" - St Remy de Provence, France

"I've used this since I found it, maybe 11 years now." - Southern Pines, NC

"Excellent product" - Thunder Bay, ON Canada

"How high the moon" - Watervale, South Australia

"Great Program!" - Unknown

"I find MoonMenu informative and fun." - Los Gatos, CA

"Very helpfull to programming my observations" - Guapore, RS Brazil

"Great Software" - Perth, Australia

"Enjoy it everyday" - New York, NY

"love these moon phases" - miami, fl

"lovely low key and thorough application" - Cedar Crest, NM

"just love it" - sweden - gothenburg

"like Moon Menu -- keep up the good work" - Pulaski, TN

"very pleasant program in order to always know the lunar phases" - Roma, Italia

"Enjoy MoonMenu very much - Thank you!" - Fremont, CA

"MoonMenu is still my favorite; keep on going the good work!" - Unknown

"Great way to track my people's traditional moon calendar." - Kāneʻohe, HI

"Beuatifully brilliant" - BA11, UK

"I am a moon lover and I really like your MoonMenu." - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

"Gut gemacht!" - Hamburg

"Your products are the best!" - Silver Spring, MD

"Have a nice Day!" - Basel, BS Switzerland

"Great program" - Orange, CA

"Helps my know exactly when TET Lunar New Year will come." - Honolulu, HI

"love it!" - Burlington, MA

"Nice program" - MA

"nice" - Madison, WI

"I really like this little app, it's like an old freind now." - Southern Pines, NC

"useful information at hand when needed" - Riga, Latvia

"Great products and most helpful follow up advice and support" - N. Ireland,

"I love Moon Menu!!! Thank you for making it!" - St. Apul, MN

"Excellent Service" - Scotland

"program is good" - Houston texas,

"I love the moonmenu so immensely much! I have been really wanting to get more in touch with the moon, and how she cycles and this really aids the process!!" - Oly, WA

"great product" - Seattle, Washington

"Your Moon application appears to be the best of them all." - Little Canada, MN

"I'm going to enjoy the product very much" - Hallett Cove, South Australia

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"Very nice ;-)" - Orion Astronomy Club, NL

"fun little item" - Montrea, Quebec Canada

"LOVE MoonMenu (Looong Time User)" - Fairfield, IA

"I like very much!" - Gaithersburgh, MD

"I love it" - Southern, Bavaria

"I just love it" - Bavaria

"nice for fishing" - Fortaleza, Ceará Brazil

"Ein ganz tolles Programm!!!" - Sachsen (Germany)

"yes! i love it! thanks!" - portland, or

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"sunrise/set times are very useful; very good app" - Leonia, NJ

"nice programm!" - Sachsen in Germany

"Yes - good info well presented" - North Hero, VT

"merci pour la création de cette programme!" - Porte d'Espagne à Trinidad

"Nobody does it better" - Paisley, Renfrewshire Scotland

"your app rocks" - leersum, the netherlands

"Like product" - Boulder, CO

"Simple, clean, pertinant. Well done!" - Richmond, Va

"i love moon menu" - Manhattan Beach, CA

"Thanks for your work and accuracy!" - Culver City, CA

"I am not lunatic. Are you?" - Oslo, Norway

"Cool, like it" - Unknown,

"Thanks for a great job at a great price!" - Celeste, TX

"Great software. Simple UI, effective, LOVE IT!" - Seattle, WA

"Yes I love it and have recommended it to my computer friends, I own two moon watches one a digital - which has an enormous amount of info but as good as it is ( and pricey ) your program is what I been looking for a long time. A great prouduct and a great price." - Nevada City, Nevada County

"Simple, clean interface, effective --- I like." - Seattle, WA

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"Love it!" - Los Angeles, CA

"i'm an astronomer, this is a great app for me" - greenville, kentucky

"Love it!" - New York, New York

"I like the Moon in my Menu." - Pinehurst, NC

"Keep up the good work" - Isumi-shi, Chiba, Japan

"Yes, thank you and please keep it up!" - Unknown,

"my kids love this app" - miami, fl

"wonderful. love it" - White Stone, VA

"Great product and looks great graphically" - sweden

"It's hard to say enough nice! It's an easy-to-use inexpensive little app that does exactly what I want it to! Thanks!!" - Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Wonderful!" - Hastings, MI

"great app" - australia,

"I love it! Plan my outings at the lake when there is optimal illumination." - Columbia, SC

"nice software!" - tulsa, ok

"i love your moon" - foster city, ca

"Very good links at your site to find latitude and longitude!" - Trondheim, Norway

"Great Software" - Yamada, Chiba Japan

"It's fantastic!" - Melbourne, Australia

"great program, accurate" - Kapaa, Hawaii

"i love it" - El Paso, TX

"I like it" - UK

"Great software, clear and easy to use and i love the extra information about the different kinds of Moon phases. " - Sweden,

"Nice software" - Ljubljana, Slovenia

"very nice!" - Duxbury, Vermont

"Awesome product and website. Very efficient, easy to use. Excellent quality product (Moon pics are great!)" - San Clemente, CA

"love it" - manchester, uk

"MoonMenu is Fantastic!" - Silver Spring, MD

"I like the new version." - Seattle, WA

"Best software in the known universe." - Bellevue, WA

"It's a great program" - Canada

"love the product!" - Placitas, nm

"Nice product" - Reykjavik, Iceland

"great app" - Leersum, Utrecht Netherlands

"Good program!" - VS, Switzerland

"This is a very useful application for backyard astronomy." - Clearlake, CA

"I've kept this program for YEARS!" - Dana Point, CA

"Love the new photos!" - Berlin, Germany

"Great program!!" - Munich, Germany

"Love your program." - Nevada City, Ca

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"Great Program" - Orange, CA

"Nice program! I'm an astronomer" - Cholula, Puebla, Mexico

"very impressed indeed" - Englewood, CO

"Love it, so do my boys" - The Woodlands, Texas

"your program is nice, especially that you can put your time zone and your longitude-latitude" - india, manali

"enjoy following the moon" - pune, Maharashtra India

"you rock the casbah! ^_^" - redwood city, ca

"I'm VP of The Memphis Astronomical Society and Moon Menu is very helpful - it keeps me from having to do a lot of calculations when planning star parties in advance. It's teriffic! " - Memphis, TN

"love the program" - shorewood, wi

"yes, this is a great app!" - Netherlands

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"love it!!" - toronto, canada

"I love it!" - Walnut Creek, CA

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"I love it! Helps me keep in touch with the Cosmos!" - Somerville, MA

"Still great!" - Unknown

"Great small app - could not be better - just what I needed" - Dereel, Victoria

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"works well, like it" - SF, CA

"very good program" - germany

"Better than looking through the clouds." - Belmont, MA

"Very nice piece of sw." - milan, MI Italy

"Great Little Program" - Federal Way, WA

"Been using this software for donkey years... ;-)" - London, UK

"I like It, its cool" - NY, NY

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"elegant gui" - venice, ca

"love ya " - ME

"very nice piece of sw" - Milan, MI Italy

"great for photography" - Corralejo-Las Palmas, Spain

"I like it and always have." - Fremont, CA

"I totally love MoonMenu! and I've been wishing for something like PasswordWallet for a long time -- I'm delighted to have discovered it. Thanks!" - Nicasio, Calif.

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- Thanks for trying MoonMenu too!

"I think the new interface is fantastic! I never would have known the joys of the Worm Moon without MoonMenu!" - Boston, MA

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"I really enjoy having this program since my partner and I like to go into the Angeles or Los Padres forest to have a picnic and watch the full moon rise!" - Carson, CA

"Been a customer of yours "forever" (Password Wallet, SmartWrap)" - Honaunau, HI

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"Make a Mars Menu? :)" - San Jose, CA
We'll see.

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"This is my favorite little app. I use it to schedule my trips to Thailand during a full moon. Thank you." - Under the Japanese Maple tree

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"Interesting to have a "lunar" orientation right on one's screen!" - San Rafael, CA

"Well organized webpage; no fluff." - Sacramento, CA

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"Moon menu is the perfect Mac companion for witches. . . . " - Glocedter, RI

"Love it. What else can I say. Now I'll be warned about my Girlfriend." - Seattle, WA

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"I guess I'm like a little kid, but I sure enjoy toys. This is fun!!" - Garden Grove, CA

"Very unique and easy. Just like a Mac." - Greenfield, IN

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"Thank you for a wonderful job." - Sunnyvale, CA

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"Very well designed, like the fact it sits with the date, etc." - Gibraltar, Gibraltar

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Translation: "Classy application!" (I think)

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"At least I know now when all the loonies are out!" - Jackson, NJ

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  • Waxing: Growing.
  • Waning: Shrinking.
  • Gibbous: Greater than half illumination.
  • Crescent: A French style roll that tastes good with Jam.
  • Lunation: Lunations begin and end at the new moon. The number is the index of the current lunation. This number can be used as input to various functions to compute the date within other calendar systems.
  • Blue Moon: The second full moon in one month. This is a rare event. See 1/31/99 or 3/31/99 for a sample. Can you find any others?
  • UT: Universal Time, or Greenwich Mean Time.

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