Mac OS X

For Mac OS X 10.9 - 10.13

Version: 3.0.5
Price: $11.99

MoonMenu for Mac OS X


Table of Contents

How up upgrade

Upgrading from any previous version is easy. Run 3.x That's it.

How to register

Click the moon in the menubar, then click the "Gear" icon. Select "Register or Purchase". After registering, click the moon twice for the reg to be recognized.

Copying data to the clipboard

Click the moon in the menubar, then click the "Gear" icon. Select "Copy all Information to Clipboard".

Tips and Tricks

  • Hold down any of the arrow buttons to advance them automatically.

  • MoonMenu will save the collapsed state of all disclosure triangles between runs.

  • Be sure to set your latitude and longitude correctly or the moon calculations will be incorrect. Also verify that our time zone, system date, and time are set correctly in system settings.

  • Blue moons are defined in the software as two full moons within one lunation in GMT. And MoonMenu even colors the entire lunation blue!

  • If you're in the southern hemisphere, MoonMenu will turn the moon upside-down.

  • Red text means that the value displayed is different than the value displayed previously.

  • Click "Now" to display the current time.

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