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For Windows Mobile 5 or Later Smartphone or PocketPC

Version: 4.5.0
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How to use PasswordWallet

  • The PasswordWallet Main Screen

    The main screen always starts with a prompt to enter your master password. If you've never created a PasswordWallet document on your device, PasswordWallet create a new one for you. Just enter your new Master Password.


    The Main Screen

  • Enter the master password you want to use to unlock your wallet.

    If you have never used your PasswordWallet before, you are asked to assign a password for future access. You are asked to enter the password twice, for consistency.

    If you have used your PasswordWallet  before, you will only have to enter your password once.


    Entering a password for the first time.

  • The Password List displays all of the wallet entries available. If the list is larger than the screen, you can scroll up and down using the scrollbar on the right side of the screen or the navigation buttons on your device. Tap an item in the list to see the details on it. Or select "Edit/View Entry" from the "Options..." menu. You may also bring up the "Options..." menu by tapping and holding on an entry.


    The Password List

  • Find - Enter text to find in the field at the bottom of the screen, and tap the "Find" button. The "Find" is case insenstive and finds records beginning with the query you enter. Users can also find categories by selecting a category from the Filter drop-down.


    Find Category

  • New Select "New Entry..." from the "Options..." menu to create a new entry.
  • Entry Details displays the details for a single entry. This screen displays all of the fields of the single entry. Select "Random Password" from the "Options Menu" to set a new random password in the Password field.


    Entry Details

    After you have made changes, you must tap the "Done" button for them to be saved.

  • Delete - Tap and hold on an item in the password list to delete it. A menu will display of the available options, including "Delete". Delete will not be enabled from Options... menu if there is no item selected in the list.
  • Select Wallet Screen - Choose "Select Wallet..." from the "Options..." menu of the main screen.

    PasswordWallet for Windows Mobile can read and write native PasswordWallet files. These files can be stored in main memory or on expansion cards. From the "Volume" popup, choose the Folder where you would like to see the files listed in the main list box. Files are stored in one of the two Folders listed below. It is assumed that all files in these locations are PasswordWallet files. PasswordWallet files do not require a ".passwordWallet4" suffix for synchronization.

    • Device - Files are in Main Memory in \My Device\My Documents\PasswordWallet\
    • Storage Card - Storage card 0 in \Storage Card\PasswordWallet\

    Select the "<new file...>" option and push "OK" to create a new file and assign it a new master password.

    Select the "Make Default" option for the select file to open by default each time you run PasswordWallet.


    The Main Screen


To reveal menus, tap the "Options..." item on the right side of each screen. The contents of this menu vary depending on what screen PassowrdWallet is on.

Options Menu on Main Screen

  • Change Access Password - Change the access password for the current wallet file. (See "Select Wallet" above.)
  • Registration... - This is where you enter your username and registration number after your purchase a registration number from this web site.
  • Select Wallet... Bring up a new screen where users can select a wallet file from main memory or from an additional storage card. See above for details.
  • About... - Display a box about PasswordWallet and how to find this web site.

Options Menu on Password List Screen (This menu also appears when clicking and holding on an item in the list of passwords.)

  • Edit/View Entry - Edit or View the selected entry. This is also avaialble when tapping and holding on an item.
  • New Entry - Create a new entry.
  • Delete Entry - Delete the currently selected entry.
  • Change Access Password - Change the access password for the current wallet file. (See "Select Wallet" above.)
  • Registration... - This is where you enter your username and registration number after your purchase a registration number from this web site.
  • Go To URL -Open the URL of the selected entry and copy tht entries username or password to the clipboard.

How you do Auto-tying on a Windows Mobile Device

PasswordWallet for Windows Mobile can launch URLs from PasswordWallet entries. Once the URL is loaded in the device's browser, PasswordWallet can also paste your username and password in to the open web page.

  • Open the URL from your PasswordWallet entry and wait for it to load.
  • Notice the bouncing head in the menubar of your device.
  • Place the cursor in the username field of the web page.
  • Paste.
  • Notice the bouncing key in the menubar of your device.
  • Place the cursor in the password field of the web page.
  • Paste. (Some devices may not support paste in to password fields.)


PasswordWallet will run on Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6 on PDAs or phones. (Windows Mobile 5 was formerly Windows Mobile 2005.) There are two versions of Windows Mobile: Smartphone and PocketPC. Smartphone and PocketPC are different operating systems, the functinal difference being PocketPC has a Stylus and Smartphone does not.

We recommend a minimum of 4MB of RAM to use PasswordWallet effectively.

Installing On Windows Mobile Device

Installation on Mac OS X and Windows are different.

Mac OS X:

  1. Run PasswordWallet on your Mac. From the "Help" menu choose Windows Mobile Synchronization Setup. You will be presented with three steps. Complete all three and you're ready to sync. Synchronization from Mac OS X requires MissingSync for Windows Mobile avaialble from Mark/Space.


  1. Download the zip archive.
  2. Right click on the archive and choose "Extract All...". Contained within the archive are two .cab files. One is for PocketPC and one is for Smartphone. It is VERY important that you select the correct version for your device. PasswordWallet will not run correctly if you install the wrong version. (See above under Requirements.) The Smartphone .cab ends with "sp" and the PocketPC .cab ends with "pp".
  3. On Windows, run ActiveSync and connect your device.
  4. On your device, locate the "My Documents" folder.
  5. Copy the proper .cab file to "My Documents" by dragging it to the MyDocuments folder in ActiveSync.
  6. After copying the file, tap the .cab on the Windows Mobile device to complete installation.
  7. PasswordWallet will appear on your Program Files screen.

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