For Palm OS Classic 4.0.5

Version: 4.0.5
Price: $14.99



Table of Contents

The PasswordWallet Main Screen

The main screen always starts with an empty list and the lock icon in the upper left. The lock in the "locked" position notifies the user that PasswordWallet is locked.

Tap the lock (or anywhere, really) to begin.

If you have never used your PasswordWallet before, you are asked to assign a password for future access. You are asked to enter the password twice, for safety. To bring up the Palm keyboard, simply tap the small semi-circular "abc" at the bottom of the screen.

If you have used your PasswordWallet before, you will only have to enter your password once.

The Password List

The Password List displays all of the wallet entries available. If the list is larger than the screen, you can scroll up and down using the up and down hard-keys at the bottom of your Palm, or the up and down arrows which will appear on screen if necessary. Tap an item in the list to see the details on it.

Find - Enter text to find in the field at the bottom of the screen, and tap the "Find" button. The "Find" is case insenstive and finds records beginning with the query you enter. To find the "Next" entry, tap the "Find" button again. If you have many records, the "Find" operation may be slow. This is because PasswordWallet must decrypt each record it searches through. PasswordWallet entries always remain encrypted until the moment they are accessed, and then only one record is decrypted at a time.

New Tap "New" to create a new Palm entry.

Entry Details displays the details for a single entry. This screen displays all of the fields of the single entry. Tap the "diamond" in the upper right corner to automatically insert a randomly generated password into the "Password" field.

Wallet Menu

About Password Wallet - Display a box about PasswordWallet and how to find this web site.

Help - Show a live help screen.

Change Access Password - Once you have gained access to your passwords, use this entry to change your password. You will be asked to confirm your original password and you will be asked to type your new password twice.

Register - This is where you enter your username and registration number after your purchase a registration number from this web site. The keypad is there to help you enter the numbers and characters necessary to complete the registration process.

Options Menu

by Title - Sometimes, after synchronization, your PasswordWallet will not be sorted. Select this menu item to sort your PasswordWallet entries. This menu is only available from the Main screen.

Reoptimize Categories - After creating many categories, some may not be assigned to any records. Select this menu item to rebuild the category menu so it contains only those categories that are in use. This menu item purges unused categories.


PasswordWallet will run on any Palm Compatible PDA running PalmOS 4 or better. PasswordWallet itself with no records occupies about 80K on your Palm. The number of records is limited only by the amount of available memory you have on your PDA.

We recommend a minimum of 2MB of RAM to use PasswordWallet effectively. If you're running out of RAM it may be beacuse your notes are too large. Keeping your notes below 255 characters will considerably reduce PasswordWallet's memory requirements.

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