For Palm OS Classic 4.0.5

Version: 4.0.5
Price: $14.99


What's New

New to 4.0.5:

  1. Fixed re-lock procedures so PW wouldn't crash when exited while some dialogs were displayed.

  2. Fixed issue where hard-keys would not behave correctly on devices with lots and lots of hard-keys.

  3. Fixed issue where some devices (Sony Clié) would report inconsistent error codes.

  4. Added preference to not sort after every sync.

New to 4.0.4:

  1. Internal release.

New to 4.0.3:

  1. Fixed issue with 5-way nav moving field focus to a non-desirable control.

  2. Added support for Novarra web browser.

New to 4.0.2:

  1. Fixed bug where URL dialog would pop up when it wasn't supposed to.

New to 4.0.1:

  1. PW4 will now sort entries if the entries have been synchronzied since the last open.

  2. Fixed version number in about box. Sorry about that.

  3. Fixed issue where PW4 would crash when powered down from edit screen.

  4. Fixed upgrade bug from 3.x where data might propogate into empty fields. (Users may want to consider re-importing their PW3 data in to PW4.)

New to 4.0.0:

  1. Added support for alternate field names for username and password fields.

  2. Added special tap area to open URLs and copy username or password to clipboard, or both.

  3. Added 5-way navigation features.

  4. Added Cut/Copy/Paste to Edit view.

  5. New color icon.

  6. Now supports unicode for all text fields.

  7. Added updater from 1.x and 3.x files.

  8. Updated all IDs to universally unique identifiers.

  9. Changed database record format.

  10. Better error messages when clicking the expand button.

  11. Fixed problem with crashing when adding a new category.

  12. Fixed crashing errors with Palm T5, TX and Treo.

  13. Mac users should upgrade to the latest HotSync now available from Palm.

New to 3.0.4:

  1. Added "Hide" option to password dialog.

  2. Fixed problem with "Double-box" expand button in editor window on Treo and Tungsten Palms.

New to 3.0.3:

  1. Fixed compatibility problems with emulator on new PalmOne devices. For example, PasswordWallet3 now works very well with the Tungsten 5.

New to 3.0.2:

  1. Fixed problem with sorting of Category menu in List and Edit view.

New to 3.0.1:

  1. First release.

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